Welcome to Beehive

In our Beehive you have access to all the virtual tools you need for the Training School Entrepreneurship and to develop a business model. Your workgroup will have access to a Zoom room for video conferencing, a virtual whiteboard, and the ability to share files. You can also use our messenger service to communicate with the other participants and the speakers.

2 days for your project and for your future


Present yourself and your idea in a completely new way. Develop a business model from the results of your scientific work. Work with creativity and system on your future.
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Meeting room for your group

Communication is very important. In this Zoom room, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with your group members and the speakers. If it is necessary to work in smaller groups, the speakers can always set up breakout rooms for you.

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Your virtual whiteboard

Don’t just think it – ink it. Ideas only become tangible when you visualize them and write them down. Use your virtual whiteboard to put your ideas on “paper” and look at them together from different perspectives. Step by step, a vague idea becomes a sustainable concept.

Get to work!


File Exchange

For the exchange of files within your group you can use the learning platform Open OLAT. The files you upload here are available to your working group including the lecturers but not to the other workshop participants.
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Messenger Group

Talk directly with your colleagues and the speakers using our messenger service. For the duration of the workshop, you will receive a free license with which you can log in to Threema Work. The communication is encrypted and complies with all legal requirements regarding data protection.

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Ab 01.01.2024 wird IDEENWALD durch die finanzielle Unterstützung von RPTU und HS Kaiserslautern weiter geführt und durch eine Projektförderung des MWVLW auf den Campus Landau der RPTU erweitert.

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