In this Startup-course we want to give you the basics for starting a business. You will learn how to find and develop an idea using various creative techniques. You will also learn how to take your idea to the next level using Design Thinking. In addition, we will explain what it means to develop a value proposition for a product or service. Finally, you will gain insight into how to develop a business model from your idea and value proposition. This course is designed for English-speaking students who want to start a business. With this course you can develop your idea, find out what problem you are solving for your customers and how to build a business model.

Excerpt from the list of topics:

  • Creativity Techniques: How do you create a business idea? Innovation is the driver of every successful Startup, but not everyone is equally creative and innovative. However, there are aids and methods that anyone can use to successfully think creatively. In this course, we will introduce different techniques for developing and sharpening ideas so that you too can score with an innovative idea.
  • Value Proposition: The Value Proposition is the heart of your business. It’s where you define the specific problem you’re solving for your customer and what other opportunities it opens up. We’ll also show you how to create a prototype of your customer and what marketing and promotional efforts can be derived from it.
  • Business Models: A business model describes and explains how a company works and how it generates profits. Basically, the description of the business model should help to understand, analyze and communicate the key factors of entrepreneurial success or failure.
  • Studying and Working in Germany: Here we have compiled the most important information about working and studying in Germany with regard to health insurance. 
  • Best-Practice Example Startup Foldio: Meet Amir, he is from Iran and founded his own startup in Germany.